July 30, 2005

Almost Ready....

The new and improved Steiner Aid is almost ready to commence daily publishing. Just a few little tweaks and the occasional bug to be worked out and the site will be in fine fettle!

I would like to thank Guy S. of Snugg Harbor for all of his priceless help. He actually has done the lion's share of the work here.

Thank you Pal!

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Testing Again

Checking to see what it looks like with two entries. Of different dates.

Almost ready for the final move from blogspot!!! Get the moving van warmed up *grin*!!

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July 28, 2005

Test Test

This is a test of the posting setup. How everything looks. When I link to someone here, does it show up properly?

And what about blockquotes? Do they provide the proper eye catching contrast? Or just blur into the background?
Continue to be enlightened while reading "Test Test"

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There's really not much about me. My name is Todd M. and I go by the handle, "Red Falcon." I'm a thirty-something with a lovely wife and a wonderful son. I'm a straight-laced conservative who is crazy about legitimate swing, main-stream jazz and old movies. I used to train to jump out of airplanes in the dark and kill people for a living. Now I only aspire to write the "Great American Novel" along with almost every other person in the blogosphere.

Almost Ready....
Testing Again
Test Test

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Testing comments

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